After Starting my VM the Unattended robot is not available automatically

Hey @Pablito ,

I have Uipath studio Community version Installed on my VM, where I have created the process and scheduled it with the help of orchestrator. My Robot type is unattended and it is working fine.

When I stop the VM my Robot Connection in Orchestrator is lost which is fine But when I restart the VM my robot is not connecting automatically and If I login to VM and Open the Uipath studio, my robot is available.

Does we need to keep VM on continuously?

I have the requirement where we are triggering the processes only on weekends So we are starting the VM on Friday night and ideally it should run but I dont know how to achieve it.

Please help me here, Thanks in advanced!

Hi @shreyash_shirbhate,
The Community Edition has limited possibility to work with the unattended Robot. You need to have an active session of your user otherwise the Robot service will not work as it’s running under the user mode.

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Yes, I got it. Thanks for quick revert @Pablito.

Can you please help me with the Official documentation ref link where they have mentioned that We can’t use Service mode in Community Edition.

I have tried to search the link in documentation but I did not find any relevant link!

Thanks in Advanced!

Sure :slight_smile:
Here you have an information about it.

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Thanks @Pablito

In the link which you have shared, they have not clearly mentioned that we can not use service mode in Community edition

If you have seen this anywhere please send me the screen shot and appropriate ref link.

Thanks in Advanced!

There is no restriction to use the service mode. There is only limitation if you are on Community Edition. If you will install a Robot from the MSI package then it will work but MSI package is restricted for Enterprises.

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