Unattended robot on Citrix application

I have an issue performing Unattended execution on a Citrix application. My robot runs in a High density environment.
My process launches Citrix StoreFront but on click of Application Icon the citrix window <wnd app=‘wfica32.exe’ cls=‘Transparent Windows Client’ title=’*- \Remote’ / > is not launched. I do not see wfica32.exe process being launched(neither in screenshot nor in task manager). Although, I can see (based on the screenshots that I’ve taken during execution) that the Application Icon within Citrix StoreFront has been clicked by the robot.
Looking forward to your suggestions.

Hi @Amrita.Hegde,
Can you describe step by step how have you configured citrix that you are trying to run it directly from Receiver? Maybe do you mean do perform the action in Remote Console being connected to citrix desktop inside? Please give us more details.
To run citrix application or desktop normally you need to go through Web Interface / Storefront and open it from there or use dedicated .ica file with set of data needed to connection.

Hi @Pablito,

Yes I open the Citrix StoreFront and click on App icon in there, that is where I expect to launch wifca32.exe window , which works fine in attended mode, but not in unattended. Sorry for not describing it earlier.

No problem. Ok so I presume that you are using click activity on this. Please check if your activity has “simulate click” property marked. This allows your activity to work in background / unattended.

Yes it is using Simulate click already. Also, I have taken a screen shot before and after the Click activity and I see that the App Icon has changed as if click is performedicon . But even after few minutes the window does not launch and Attach window fails.I confirmed this with additional screenshot and checked in taskmanager.

Hmm indeed it’s weird. You should check citrix logs about why connection was refused. Have you checked if the same is with different application published in StoreFront?

EDIT: Other let say walkaround for this could be dedicated application instance published for this task which would be set for dedicated server. Then you could save .ica file for this connection (as it’s parameters will not change since it will be same application for only one server) and assign .ica file to receiver and try to open this by robot. Hope I didn’t mixed up anything :smiley:

Unfortunately due to restricted accesses in our organization, I am unable to get to the Citrix logs describing why connection is refused. But as it works on the same machine when running in attended mode and fails in unattended only, I am wondering if it is a programming/configuration issue.

@Amrita.Hegde maybe try to describe me step by step how your robot is starting the task. What I mean… In unattended mode is your robot logging to the OS and StoreFront with use of your credential and you are watching this from the external console like VMware? Just please put more light on this. It will be easier.

Robot performs Open Internet Explorer with url Citrix Storefront interface

. Next it clicks on the Application Icon you see in red. Click is successful we can see here. We expect that application window is launched at this stage and robot performs Attach window (to “<wnd app=‘wfica32.exe’ cls=‘Transparent Windows Client’ title=‘xyz’ / >”) and proceeds further–> this works in Attended mode but fails when Robot is triggered via Orchestrator. Robot (with its own credentials)is executing on Windows Server 2016 machine to which I have local admin rights and can watch Task Manager in parallel, and look at screenshots taken by robot at intermediate steps

Are you using any delay before Attach window?
It looks like somehow application can’t be started when you are not logged on the machine. Like some part of OS or libraries cannot be loaded. Have you tried maybe to leave your session logged on the machine (just close RDP connection without logging off) and check if then the task can be performed properly?

I logged in with Robot credentials, Disconnected RDP without Signing out Robot.Triggered Job from Orchestrator and watched Task manager on robot machine using my admin account. Process wfica32.exe appears and disappears in seconds. Then, I logged in again with Robot credentials and found this prompt error .
As a second test, I logged in with Robot credentials and minimized the RDP window instead of Disconnect. When triggered from Orchestrator the execution was successful. As my intention is to run this Unattended, I am looking for a resolution. Is this to do with not having right version of Citrix receiver, or the specific application itself or any other configs missing on my Robot machine?

Hmmm normally it situations like this I would suggest to try with newest possible version of Receiver.

Installed Citrix Receiver 4.12 (version and we still have the same issue, works when robot is logged in screen minimized and otherwise not. Now there is a different error is regarding Citrix virtual driver (SmartCard).
Is there any recommendation as to which version of Citrix Receiver is compatible with UiPath LTS 18.4.1?

UiPath should work for any Citrix as citrix is based on RDP connection. Here it looks for me as a problem with configuration. Unattended robot can’t properly authenticate to the system. Can you compare normal user account (on which attended robot is working) with this account made for unattended robot. I think problem might be there.

Solution to this problem is: