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Hi all,
I’ve a question, in citrix environment (with the patch installed) i’m able to do a normal click but sendwindowsmessage and simulate click(so the click in background) doesn’t work.
Is a better solution to use click image or other activities? And click image work in background?
Thanks in advance

Hola @andreus91

I would recommend not to go for image based activities as image based one’s doesn’t work in the background and a slight change in the screen/ image could break the workflow as it is very much dependent on the image it is looking for.

Have you tried to use computer vision activities by the way?


Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando no, you think is better to use the cv activities, so cv screen scope and click instead of a normal click (no background) and click image?

Hello @andreus91,

You can get selectors natively in Citrix Environment. If you have Citrix XenApp + UiPath Citrix Extention on your machine (robot machine) and you install UiPath Remote Runtime Environment on the Citrix Server.

More details can be found here.



Thanks @Nithin_P we have already installed the citrix extension, i don’t know if citrix is xenapp, but i’m able to find the element inside my app, my problem is: normal click (so with attach window and selector) works only without sendwindowsmessage and simulate click, these two functions aren’t allowed

Why not go with the normal click ?


Because doesn’t support the simulate click or send windows message

This is the selector:

<wnd app=‘contlr.exe’ cls=‘Mdl’ isremoteapp=‘1’ title='Orders table /><ctrl automationid=‘MenuBar’ idx=‘1’

name=application role=‘menu bar’ />

What I mean is go with Normal Click Activity.


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click activity with selector

Yes, thats right.