How to run a Robot in Citrix background

Hi there! I’m not sure if Is possible or not, please give me some suggestions or advices.

Actually I’m working in a Robot in Citrix, using a lot of image exists, clics, type into and scrappings.

All is working perfectly until now that I need that this robot will run in background, now I can run in my computer perfectly but in the future this robot is planning to run in a Virtual Machine without any human assistance, without screen, mouse or keyboard.

Any comment, link, example will be a big help to continue my road.

thanks in advance.

Any ideas?

Hi there,
im experiencing issues when letting the robot run in a virtual machine. When its running in the background there are no issues, only when run in a virtual machine. Did you find a solution by any chance?

Thanks in advance


If you already know that the robot will run on a VDI or High-Density Machine, my suggestion is to use the same development environment as production.

In this case when the workflow is already developed, please make sure that the same resolution and the UiPath.settings file correctly filled.

Please refer to this post: Problem with screen resolution in production

Thank you.

Hi, well I still have some issues, but actually I’m using the software remote desktop connection manager where I setted this one with the same resolution and work good enough.

Does anyone found any solution for the issue Carmen originally had? Now I’m facing similar issue.
Actually I have one further obstacle, on top of all Carme’s setup my remote desktop get locked up
every 10 minutes. Can the script be run when rdp machine is locked?

Hi Carmen

We are also facing similar issue in our company, When we run the bot on Citrix (unattended) we frequently see process fail. We did not found any solution for this issue.

This issue faced specially when you automate using multiple selectors (mostly web based)

Please let us know if you get any solution for this issue.


Hi Pawan,

I am facing issues with Unattended execution on Citrix, but the issue is during init phase itself. I do not see wfica32.exe process being launched(neither in screenshot nor in task manager). Although I can see (based on the screenshots that I’ve taken during execution) that the Application Icon has been clicked by the robot. As per this thread, I assume that you were able to get Citrix automation running in Unattended, do you have any suggestions what could be the issue in my case?