Workaround for Simulate Double Clicking

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I’m currently working on a robot that operates on a virtual machine, but I’m encountering a problem when the machine’s window is minimized or closed. To control the app, I have no choice but to use the “Simulate” input method. Unfortunately, all other methods I’ve attempted have resulted in an error stating that the target app is not in focus.

Specifically, I need to open a menu in the app, but the Simulate method doesn’t support double-clicking, which is the required action. I also tried using Window messages, but that didn’t work either. Another approach I attempted was using two single-click activities with a delay, but that also proved ineffective. I would greatly appreciate any workarounds or solutions you might have for this issue.

I’m currently using a standalone Studio license for my automation tests, but I’m facing a limitation in testing the automation on an Unattended Robot. I’ve come across discussions mentioning service mode and user mode, where Hardware Events might work in the background on an Unattended Robot (Service Mode) running on a Virtual Machine. I would appreciate any insights or information regarding these modes and the feasibility of utilizing Hardware Events effectively on an Unattended Robot in the background on a Virtual Machine.

This is the error that I get after running the robot in Studio, in a a minimized virtual machine, user mode, hardware events:

Thanks in advance for your help!

When executing a robot on a RDP connection and minimizing that connection, please first follow these steps to make sure it will work.

Disconnecting the RDP session will always result in unexpected behavior and process termination.

And when using an Unattended Robot and starting the process through Orchestrator, do not connect to the RDP session while the process is running, as it will interfere and once you disconnect, process execution will be impacted.

Thanks for you valuable input!
I made a request to our IT dept in order to have those changes made.

The app which I am trying to automate is proprietary to the company which I work for and is OLD. I am using a Type Into activity in order to fill in a field and I get the following error: Click ‘X’: Click with “Simulate” is not supported for this element. Please use other input method. The same thing goes for Window messages. The only option that works is Hardware Events as input method. Edit: the RPD session window is in focus when I get the errors mentioned above.

My question is: Would I be able to use “Hardware Events” while the RPD session is closed/minimized and after the changes mention in the link you shared with me will be in effect? I will only use Strict and Fuzzy selectors. I am unable to test this right now (until IT makes these changes) so I am asking you.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think Hardware Events will also work with minimized RDP session.

But I don’t have the resources available at the moment to test it, so can’t guarantee.

Please be aware that only minimized RDP is supported, closed is not.

Alternatively, you can also check if Picture-in-Picture mode is a possibility.

I reconfigured my setup using info from the following page: Robot - Deploying Unattended Robots - Enterprise License (


Now I am able to run unattended automation (manually started from Orchestrator or Scheduled). The robot logs on with Windows Credentials on the VM, and performs the required steps. I used only Hardware Events Inputs.

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