Unattended robot Installation on Windows Server 2016


I need help in Installation of Uipath robot and Studio on a server. I have 1 unattended license and 1 development license.

I have 1 windows server 2016 where I want to install

1 - Unattended - Uipath Robot on that server
2 - Uipath studio for development on same server too.

Is it possible means can i use same server for development and for Robot and how to install?
Where can I get the installation package or I have to user Uipath community edition installer?
How to activate do I need to use both key or one key of those I have purchased.

Kindly help me I really need to solve this tomorrow.
Thanks in advance.


Kindly help me…

Hi Latif,

Download link for the MSI should have been provided in your licence code email. If not please contact UiPath support (or I know @ovi is very helpful with these types of problems on the forum).

I’d definitely recommend having studio on a different VM to your unattended licence.

With regards to the licences and how to apply them - it all depends on your environment set up. Are you using Orchestrator?

You can download the MSI from https://download.uipath.com/UiPathStudio.msi.
You can choose the components to install from the setup i.e Robot, Studio, Orchestrator.
Try it out.

Thanks @Jagdish2593 and @jcb

@jcb No we have bought the Unattended license and we have not buyed any Orchestrator.

Tell me one thing … if i install 1 VM with windows 10 for installation of Studio w developer license and then I use 1 VM with windows Server for UiRobot w unattended license.

Then when I do publish of project form my windows 10 how will it come to windows Server in UiRobot?

@Jagdish2593 Can you provide me download link for old version of installation file means version 2018.3 if you have it.

Hi @Latif, I found that the best option to accomplish this is to use the UiPath Studio option to publish to a file and then copy that file to the VM where there’s only the Robot.

The location to deploy the file should be something like: %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages