Videos On Purchased Orchestrator Installation

Hi there,

We have purchased 1 UiPath - Orchestrator -Basic license along with unattended robots and studio license.
what will be the steps in installing them?

First, we should install Orchestrator in one windows server
and then install the robot and then the studio?
Is having a windows server mandatory to install orchestrator?
Is there a video explaining how we can install orchestrator?

and I have a Windows 10 VM where Uipath Community Studio is installed I want to use this Windows 10 VM to install Studio and Robot, can I do that or do I need to have another Windows 10 VM?

Hi @Iqr,

Steps for installing Orchestrator, Studio and Robots
My suggestion is first install Orchestrator as your studio and robots are licensed from Orchestrator

Is having a windows server mandatory to install Orchestrator?
No, You can install Orchestrator in Azure as APP Service or AWS or Windows server. Its all depends on your infrastructure choice. I recommend installing it on Azure or AWS because you can scale as you like

Is there a video explaining how we can install Orchestrator?
I didn’t find any video on the installation part.

You can install the Studio on same Windows 10 VM by removing the Community version but have another machine/login for Robot.

Hope my comments helps you.
I’m happy to help you If still faces any issue

Thanks @vinnu.vanga

So that means I cannot install one studio and robot on my machine where UiPath studio community is installed.

Hi @Iqr,

UiPath Studio comes with one implicit Unattended Robot used only for the development purposes.
For instance -
If you have 1 Studio license and 1 robot license, then you will get Studio & unattended robot(can trigger processes from tray, to connect studio to orchestrator) in one machine and the robot in another machine.

Below are some useful links-

Hi @vinnu.vanga,

Actually I have configured 1 Windows 10 VM (eg : Execution_MainMachine) with all the folder structure and applications required for my processes to run. Its the same machine where Uipath Community Studio is installed. I will no longer design automation project here. I want to use this machine just for the execution because processes will be running every hour, so I won’t be able to design the process here

So if I have following licenses

UiPath - Orchestrator -Basic X 1
UiPath - Unattended Robot - Concurrent Runtime X 1
UiPath - Studio - Named User X 1

what I understood is that

  1. I will create a windows server to install the Orchestrator.
  2. I will uninstall Uipath Community studio from the Execution_MainMachine.and install the robot on this machine.
    3)I will create a new Windows 10 VM and install the studio there for designing the automation project.

Please correct me.

Thank You.


It should work but make sure that you do atleast one round of testing in the enterprise version studio because you might face some differences in the package versions.

thanks @vinnu.vanga

i will do that.
i wanted to know can we use Attended robot to test and debug the project.
If I have 1 Studio named user license and 1 Attended robot named user license,can I use them to create new projects, test workflow , debug etc.