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I have 2 bots(workflows), which execute at different schedule. Can some one help me to understand how can this be done with 1 ROBOT using unattended one?


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we can do that single bot itself if we are scheduling two different processes at different times

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Hi @krishbcd - The Job will be triggered accordingly at the different time. However, I think if the first job did not complete then the second job will not start until the BOT is available.

If both the Jobs use different applications then you would require a High Density Robot.


Thank you. But how to schedule this

You only have Studio and Unattended robot, you don’t have Orchestrator?

Yes. Orchestrator


  1. First connect that Robot machine with Orchestrator.

  2. Select robot type as Unattended and provide that machine credentials in Orchestrator at the time of creating Robot.

  3. And then publish those two processes from studio and it will be uploaded into Orchestrator and same you can find in Packages folder.

  4. And then create two different processes for each and upload those published Packages into it.

  5. Go to Triggers page and Schedules BOTS in different timings. If you Schedule both processes at same time then one first created process will run first and second one will be in the queue. Once first job completed then second one will start.

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