How can i run two process at the same time

I am trying to run 2 process at the same time. One of them is background process.
When the robot running a foreground process, background process status stand by pending.
I am using unattanded robot. (v2020.4.3)

Orchestrator error messages:
Folder Default: #trigger myProcessName for #process myProcessName could not create jobs. The robots already have pending jobs for this Process (#1670)

@ekaraoglu Can you Check the Jobs Section in Orchestrator and Filter out to keep only Pending Jobs. You can then kill the Pending Jobs which you do not require to run. Also let us know how many unattended Licenses have you allocated to the bot.

I have 1 unattended license for one bot. Do i need more then one license for running two process for one robot? Which licence type do i need to run background process?

Hello! Can i check if your process are both Ui Automation Based? If yes, due to you have only 1 unattended robot. then you can only run 1 process at a time.

However, if you have 1 process with UiAutomation, and another process just performing backend automation, you are able to use parallel activity to perform the same task. However, you are still running 1 process but may be invoking 2 processes in the same process.

I hope it is clear.

Basically, 1 robot is not limited to processing any number of processes within the 24 hour duration. However, the processes would need to be ran 1 after the other.

@ekaraoglu When using Unattended Robots to Run Multiple Processes at the same time even if it is foreground or background, each running process consumes a separate license means it always needs 2 runtimes to run two processes simultaneously.

But it might work when you are using the Community Edition, Although it would not work in Enterprise.

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