Simultaneous unattended robots

We have two unattended robots set up on our server. They use different logins. We want to run different unattended processes on them at the same time, but when we try they block each other as pending until the other completes. Why is this? Is the only way to run both processes at the same time to change our setup to ‘high density robots’?

Hi @Craig1,

Can you let us know in what way you’re triggering the BOT? Either time-based or queue-based?


Time based triggers. One bot actually runs a process 24/7 and has only been kicked off manually so far but it blocks everything from running on the other bot.

Hi @Craig1,

I suggest you open a ticket about this. Your problem may be that the robots are not installed correctly or your license is not correctly defined in the orchestrator.


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Both robots do work, just not at the same time.

Thanks anyway. I’ll try a ticket.

Hello @Craig1

After exevuting the first is the second process executed and completed???

If still in pending status, you can reach out out to the uipath acccount manager assigned or directly raise a ticket

The problem was the number of runtimes setting in the machine template. It was set to 1.

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