Unattended Robot and User session automatic lock


I think there is something I don’t understand with the Robot setup…

My Robot run on a VDI computer (Windows 10), installed as a service. No Orchestrator.

On this VDI I open a user session to run an “agent”. A (Python) script which poll regularly a mailbox to execute some workflows and, for example, run an UIPath script (via the command line utility UiRobot.exe). The agent is not limited to UIPath.

It works, until the rdp session is closed… If the session is locked (automatically when I disconnect the rdp session or if the screen saver is trigered), some UIPath script failed (Element not found). Because when the computer is locked, UIPath is “blind”, especially when using Citrix automation for example.

I read the documentation about User Mode / Service Mode, Windows Session, LogInToConsole option and so on. And don’t find the right settings…

Actually I tried to keep the session open, by redirecting the session to the console. It works for a while but the session is locked after some time (company policy).

Is there a way for UIPath to run on a VDI when the machine is locked ?