Auto login - unattended automation

Just like BluePrism LoginAgent I want UIPath robot to login to a machine. How can I do this. My robot version is 2017.1.6522

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Hello there,
Only by Orchestrator .

@ddpadil he orchestrator article you linked talks about how a user accessing orchestrator can be auto-logged into orchestrator.

However, the question here is different. I have a limited understanding of UIpath. I am still learning. Please excuse my ignorance.

Question: Assuming that we need a process to run in un-attended mode and scheduled (to run every hour) from Orchestrator, will the robot login to the designated virtual machine automatically and start the process? Or is there another method to attain this?

Hi @kirankc

Short answer: yes. The unattended robot’s strength is exactly what you described.
Granted, there are a few pre-conditions:

  • robot is installed as Service (see here), so that it is available for all accounts
  • the virtual machine is running
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Thank you @loginerror.

That answers it. Can you also help me understand (or point me to an article) how UIpath attains it. I have challenges being able to get the robot to auto login to the virtual machine and start the job. The job starts fine if I login to the virtual machine with the robot ID using RDP. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

I have read a few articles related to this issue. One solution was to use “launch workflow interactive”. But I know of other robots in the same environment which are able to auto login with the normal workflow invoke activity.

So I am trying to find out what my robot is missing.

I am looking for an article which talks in detail about the prerequisites that are to be satisfied for the robot to be able to run unattended. (like… coding practice, setup in orchestrator, setup of the virtual machine etc…) This there an elaborate article for this particular purpose?

You can check the following points:

  1. your robot is installed using the MSI installer (and the UiPath Robot service is running)
  2. your robot is connected to Orchestrator (provisioned either as unattended robot, or as development robot)
  3. nobody is logged into the VM at the time of executing the job

Note that in order to create a Windows session, the robot service will either create an interactive “Console” session (you would see what happens on the screen) or a session in the background using RDP, which means you would not see any activity on the physical display device. This setting can be overridden from the robot settings in Orchestrator (LoginToConsole toggle)


Hi @qbrandon your above answer were really good. I want to know some important points as we are thinking of implementing Uipath at one of our client and they had thrown some questions.

how does UiPath work when:

  • When RDP session has been locked by the user
  • When RDP session has been closed by the user

In both of the above scenarios, what happens if:

  • bot is already executing in the RDP and
  • bot is scheduled to be run on the RDP

Hope i can get a quick reply.


So still considering the unattended scenario

how does UiPath work when:

  • When RDP session has been locked by the user

It means the session exists, it is just locked. In that case the Robot will unlock it, do its work, and then will not log out (can’t remember if it locks the session back though)

  • When RDP session has been closed by the user

We are going to need to define “closed”, if the RDP session is just disconnected but the session still exists, then the behavior should be the same as above (no logout after the process execution)

In both of the above scenarios, what happens if:

  • bot is already executing in the RDP and

The question here is: can you really open 2 RDP connections on your OS? Not on the current Win 10 IIRC

  • bot is scheduled to be run on the RDP

What is described above, your user RDP connection will be dropped when the Robot process kicks in I think.

These are edge cases really, and an unattended process that does not logs off is usually a bad idea in the first place.




Hi @ddpadil and @loginerror and @Pablito

so if we run the job in unattended mode and robot is connected to RDP if we have instralled the robot using MSI installer then on;y uipath will able to login into the RDP ?
if we are using community addition then ? then how can we achieve ? please replay me as soon as possible because bit urgent .

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Hi @kalyanDev

Correct. Enterprise MSI installer → Orchestrator can RDP to a running machine with no user logged in (based on the user credentials saved in Orchestrator)

Community Edition Exe Installer → Orchestrator can RDP to a running machine with the user already logged in.

It is technically doable to add machine-wide Robot Service using files of the installed Community Edition, but this way is not fully tested, and therefore it is not supported and definitely not advised for production environments.

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Thank you @loginerror please let me know once this feature is enabled.

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