Unattended Bot behaving as an Attended Bot

Hi Team,

Currently we are using remote desktop to run all the existing unattended bots. All are working fine.

Recently one of our applications got updated. We have modified the selectors. While running in local machine, everything went good and we have deployed it and test it in unattended mode. But here bot throws
an error “Activity Timed out” at the very first activity.

Again we triggered it from orchestrator, this time we entered into the server as soon as bot had been triggered. After login, bot started to process.This time we didn’t get error. If we close the server, again it stops and after sometime throws the same error.

Type Into with Simulate ,without Simulate, Send Window Message properties also not working. It behaving like Bot with attended license.

But Remote Desktop has Unattended bot license.

All other bots are running in same RDP running fine.

Please suggest me an any other method to resolve this issue.


Hi @HarishGk

From your description, it seems that the issue may be related to the Remote Desktop environment. Here are some suggestions to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Make sure that the Remote Desktop environment is configured properly to run unattended bots. This includes the bot user account and its permissions, the settings for automatic logon, and any firewall or security settings that may be blocking the bot.
  2. Check the network connectivity between the Orchestrator and the Remote Desktop environment. Ensure that the connection is stable and reliable.
  3. Review the bot code and selectors. Ensure that the selectors are accurate and stable, and that they can reliably identify the target application and its elements.
  4. Try running the bot in debug mode to identify any issues or errors that may be causing the timeouts. Use breakpoints and logging to identify the cause of the issue.
  5. Consider using other methods to interact with the target application, such as image recognition or OCR. These methods may be more reliable in some situations.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Hi Nitya,

Thanks for your response.

It seems RDP working fine because all other UI based bots are running as expected. It also indicating license is also not an issue.

The application that I am working with Oracle JET based web app. Is there any possibility error occuring due to the application restriction?



  1. Go to robot settings on orchestrator enable and set login to console to false…
  2. Ensure you logoff/signout(not shutdown) the user
  3. For oracle based apps generally they are java based so install the java extension…


Now try running the bot and check

Also go to brosee and manage extensions and on UiPath extension eanble file url also…


Hello, which browser you are using?

Yes! RDP working fine for me!