Unable to run Automation through orchestrator, its shows pending allocation in host identity. Help!

What is that host name pending allocation. I am not at all understanding this. Process is not getting started from Orchestrator, but can start through my UiPath Assistant. Help me with these issues.

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Hey @Akash_Khobare

It looks like you have configured an attended bot !


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  1. This job can run only under an account with credentials defined and there is none assigned to this folder. I am getting this error, its unattended robot only.

Hi @Akash_Khobare,

Greetings for the day!

Do we have a machine listed in Machine tab in that folder?

Yes, we had Machine assigned for that folder, but under tenant section, domain name is missing. (for unattended robots)

Hi @Akash_Khobare,

Did we try allocating the runtime license to the unattended bot?

Yes, runtime license allotted and connected too. I want to run from orchestrator not from Assistant.