Orchestrator: Run a job

Hey, I am very new to the updated orchestrator version. I am using the community version and trying to execute a sample project from orchestrator. I have published the packages and whenever I try to assign the package and run the process as a job I am getting error as below:


I am a bit confused on the modern folders structure, I have the bot and assistant connected, but not able to run the bot via Orch. I am happy to share more details if required.

that folder has no unattended license user or robot
the credentials are not provided to that unattended robot or user instance, try providing credentials on the folder tab, for that user or robot

di to your folder tab in tenant, select your user, click on edit for that. Then in the edit user screen, click next. You’ll see there will be an option to assign unattended robot, enable it.

Ideally the unattended robots should be assigned to a robot account and not a user account. you can add a user or robot account from the admin setting tab in the home page of cloud orchestrator

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Jobs cannot be triggered for Attended Robots from Orchestrator, in order to do that you’ll also need to configure your user with an Unattended Robot.

Tenant > Manage Access > Edit User > Tab 2 Robot setup > Enable Unattended Robot.

In addition to that, IF your process is a foreground process, you will also need to configure “Run foreground automations” when you are modifying your user/robot and provide valid credentials.

The same applies to Non-User Unattended Robots.

From there when managing the Folders (Tenants > Folders) You assign both Users (Users/Robots/Groups) and Machines to a Folder.

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Hey Rahul, thanks for the quick response. It was already enabled

Check Run foreground automation and provide your credentials. If the process is background only process, this is not required.

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Yeah, that seems to be the fix. Thanks mate. Also one more thing, the community version I am using have below licenses allocated.

But when I go to create a job with unattended production robot I am getting error

If the runtime license is selected as development only I am able to execute.

Also, what if I want to run this process in another machine, how can I achieve it?

Sure, will check that out thanks