Unanswered: Job stopped due to unexpected process termination

Robot suddenly stops working while executing/debugging. It was working fine a few minutes ago and now it’s not working anymore, nothing changed in the sequence where it stops. It is stopping after exiting “Excel application scope” as you can see from the images. Any idea how to solve it?

Hi Alina,

Do you have a large amount of data in your excel file? How many rows?

Also, please provide Studio version and Excel activities pack version.


Hi Viorela,

The excel file has 4 sheets and the maximum of 2500 rows in a sheet. The excel file is closing fine, but after returning to the sequences where it resides stops.
Studio version: 2016.2.6442
Excel activities pack version: 2.3.6682.26635

Everything worked fine until lunch and then it didn’t.

Thank you very much!

Hmm… Did you restart the Robot service and try to run again?

The UiRobot.exe I’ve restarted, the UiRobotSvc service I cannot restart as I don’t have admin rights on the PC. I even restarted the PC and it’s the same. Thanks!

I’ve managed to make it work by reducing the size of the excel file (the file is used as a template and had 46 MB), so instead of .xlsx I’m using .xlsb which reduced to file size to 30 MB. Hope this helps others.