Excel Application Scope causes robot stopped (code: 0xC0000005)


I am facing a very strange situation.
I want to write a table (3600 rows, some cells with a large text) into an Excel file.
I’m using the Excel Application Scope with below settings:


When the activity is started I receive the below error and the robot is stopped:
RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xC0000005

I will write below what I already tried to fix this but nothing worked:

  1. Kill EXCEL process before
    2.Remove the columns that have large text

UiPath Studio: 2020.10.2
UiPath.Excel.Activities: v2.10.4

Thank you in advance for any new idea,

Try Write Range from Workbook Activities, it’s more efficient than Excel Application Scope etc.

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I forgot to specify that I already tried with Write Range and I have another problem.
When I’m trying to open the resulted excel file, I receive the below error:

Further I need to know what sheets (the name of the sheets) I have in the excel file.
For this part I have to use the Excel App Scope to extract the workbook and further to extract all sheets to write only in some sheets.

When I try to read the sheets from excel, I receive the below error in UiPath Studio:
Failed opening the Excel file ABC.xlsx. Possible reasons: the file is corrupt, the file is already used by another process or you don’t have permissions to open the file.

Does someone or something else already have it open?

I think that the only option is “the file is corrupt” but I don’t know what it means

Make sure the file isn’t set to read-only. (Right-click the file and look in Properties)

Does the file open in Excel?

My conclusion:

I have a total of 15 columns and 3 of them contain a large text inside.
That error is caused by large volume of data.
If I remove those 3 colums, everything is fine.

I didn’t find a solution to keep them and everything to be fine.


I spent many hours on this… Now I know, that Excel application scope is not compatible with background job. Please, check if you have Starts in Background selected as No.

If you have xlsx filetype, then use System/File/Workbook/ activities, not App Integration/Excel/ activities if you wan to have background job.

Hopefully this helps.