Unable to use password from orchestrator asset into database connection string

I am tryng to connect to Oracle database using OLEDB. In the connection string, i am providing the .ToString but it throws an error “Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password”. How do I get around it? If I use the native GetPassword activity, it clears out once I publish the code. So cant use that too. Please help…!

GetPassword activity returns a SecureString, but the Connection String field only accepts Strings, so you have to convert the SecureString to String

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Thanks Dave. That worked when invoke the job from the robot service on my desktop. I can see the job kickoff in the orchestrator. However, if I schedule the job in orchestrator, it fails. I am using platform.uipath.com. Does this site has limitations? Thanks again for the help.

What is the error you’re getting?

Here is a screeprint of the issue. Thank You!

Found it…! my AD password was not updated. my bad! Its working fine now. Thank you for the help

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