Credential Issue

i am getting credentials from orchestator and entering into application,
but password the secureString value entering wrong value.


Please provide a screenshot to show your workflow.

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Hi @shaikjani

Are you using the Get Credential activity?

  1. Use the get credential activity
  2. In the activity properties - mention the credential type asset you have in your Orchestrator
  3. Under output of its properties - assign two variables to hold what you return. For the username, it should be a string variable, and for the password, it should be a SecureString variable.

and when you are typing it to some place, for the password, you gave to use Type Secure Text

Doesn’t this work?

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Try this

StrPassword = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, StrSecurePassword).Password

Strpassword is of variable type - string
StrSecurePassword is of variable type - secure string

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thank you all, it is working fine.