How to pass password from orchestrator to get password activity

This is the screenshot of GetAppCredentials Workflow where I am passing values to username and password which I am using in respective fields. Still I am getting error message for password field but not getting any error message for username field. What step I am missing?

I don’t understand how we we can pass password value from orchestrator to Password and Result properties of GetPassword ?


To get the credential from orchestrator, You have to use ‘Get Credential’ activity. Property ‘Asset Name’ should contain the name of the asset stored in orchestrator. Ouput propertires like ‘Password’ & ‘Username’ should be mapped to the variable that may need those value. In your case ‘out_Username’ & ‘out_Password’.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

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Thank you @Rammohan91 for your reply and I really appreciate it.

I already mapped out_username and out_password to username and password and able to pass username to System1 URL but unable to pass password to “Get Password”. When I am using password variable in “Get Password” it giving error that SecureString cannot convert to string. Please help me to resolve this issue.

out_Password should be of type ‘SecureString’. If its already with this type as i see in the above screenshot, just delete it and create the variable again.

If you are saying that you are not able to pass the password with type secure string to the login workflow then instead of using ‘Type Into’ use ‘Type Secure Text’ to type the password.

Rammohan B.


Hi @NavneetPanpaliya - Try this, hope this will work. Convert out_password to String and pass it to “Get Password”


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@Rammohan91 Thank you very much for resolving my issue. I really appreciate your knowledge. Since yesterday I was facing issue and unable to figured out the resolution. As you suggested I used “Type Secure Text” and it worked.


I don’t understand as I already created assets in orchestrator and stored username and password there then why I am getting this prompt to enter same details? Workflow should get details diretly from the orchestrator.


Where is I am making a mistake?

Also currently I am in System1 project which looks like this and unable to complete it… I cannot understand where I am making mistake. Please help me.

Thank you very much in advance.

Whats the value of ‘System1_Credential’? Basically ‘System1_Credential’ itself is an IN argument of ‘Login_System1’ workflow. The value of this arguments is set while invoking the ‘Login_System1’ workflow captured from the ‘in_Config’ dictionary. It should be invoked as ‘‘System1_Credential’ = in_Config(“System1_Credentials”).ToString’

Rammohan B.

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I yet to complete this step as currently I am facing issues in System1 project itself.

● Open the Framework\InitAllApplications workflow
o Drag and drop the System1_Login file. An Invoke Workflow File activity is created automatically.
o Click Import Arguments and bind the values to those in the Config file.
o This is what Invoke Workflow File activity looks like:

Ok. So since you are not invoking, you are basically not passing the value for the Asset Name, the variable will be empty. If ‘System1_Credential’ is the variable that you would like to store the asset name, then as of now for testing purpose set it with the string name of the Asset. When you move forward and Invoke this from within the Login workflow, you can change that variable as an argument and have them passed a value while invoking.

Rammohan B.

I still getting prompt to enter login credentials even I changed variable name as suggested by you

Hello @Rammohan91, I resolved most of the issue and able to complete System1 workflow.
When I am running “InitAllApplications” workflow, I am getting below error message

but when I am running individual workflow (System1 workflow) then it is running fine still giving below exception message in output tab and also not sending email even login failed due to wrong password. I don’t know what wrong it that. Can you please help me to resolve this?

“Loading asset System1_Credential failed: Invalid asset type. For credentials use Get Credential activity”

Note: SendEmail workflow is running fine when runs individually and also sending email, but it is not sending email when run under System1 project.

It would be great if anyone help to fix above issue.