Unable to use password from orchestrator asset into database connection string



I am tryng to connect to Oracle database using OLEDB. In the connection string, i am providing the .ToString but it throws an error “Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password”. How do I get around it? If I use the native GetPassword activity, it clears out once I publish the code. So cant use that too. Please help…!


GetPassword activity returns a SecureString, but the Connection String field only accepts Strings, so you have to convert the SecureString to String


Thanks Dave. That worked when invoke the job from the robot service on my desktop. I can see the job kickoff in the orchestrator. However, if I schedule the job in orchestrator, it fails. I am using platform.uipath.com. Does this site has limitations? Thanks again for the help.


What is the error you’re getting?


Here is a screeprint of the issue. Thank You!


Found it…! my AD password was not updated. my bad! Its working fine now. Thank you for the help