Database connection using secure string

I’m trying to use a secure string to hide my database password. However, the connection fails whenever I substitute the actual password with the secure string. Someone suggested to use the “Get Password” activity, but it seems like I still have to type the password, which then will be encrypted. Anyone can help me with this one?
Thank you!

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It’s not perfect, but you can use this to convert from securestring --> string within the database connection activity - use the 2nd answer with most upvotes, not the accepted answer:

Unfortunately that is the only way, since that activity requires a string as a variable (not a securestring, which is a different variable type). The best way to fix this is to use integrated security with the database, but if that’s not possible then obscuring it using the ‘get password’ activity and the securestring–>string conversion should suffice

Thank you for the quick reply. I will check this solution out. Will mark as solution if everything works out.
Thanks :smile:

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