Orchestrator Credential not working for SAP Password

I just created an asset as a credential type which includes the user name and a password. Of course I cannot see the password that I’ve entered. For sake of this issue, let’s say the password is 1234pass

When running the automation, I used the Get Credential activity to pull these values from the Assets. The variable I assigned for the password was set as a secure string. This all makes sense.

The user name is typed into the field correctly. In the password field, though, instead of the password I stored in the orchestrator, 1234pass, what is typed into the SAP password field is actually the type - “System.Security.SecureType”.
I could see it was typing too many characters in the password field so to try and see what it was doing, I added a message box to see what it was entering.

If I use a non secure asset of text type it works fine but it is not secure.

Has anyone seen this and can help us?


Hi Mare,

Which activity are you using? ‘Type Into’ or Type Into Secure Text’?


Have you tried the latter?

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Thank you Andrew! Good to see you! Yes that worked!!
I wish this had been clearer in the documentation! :slight_smile:


It’s great to hear from you, the last name threw me!

Thanks for mentioning Type Into Secure Text because that worked awesome!

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