Unable to use Multiple Robots

Hi Friends,

Need some help with Provisioning in Orchestrator. I’m using UiPath Community Version which provides following Licenses

While Provisioning Machine we have 2 options Standard Machine and Machine Template, I used Standard Machine.
While creating Robots we have Standard and Floating,I selected Standard Robots and created 2 Studio, 1 Attended and 1 Unattended Bots on the same Machine
While connecting the Robot in the Robot Tray, I’m able to connect only 1 Robot which has status Available and others say Disconnected.

My Question is

How do we use Multiple Robots on the same computer at the same time and can it be used with a single Machine Provisioned
How do we Provision Multiple Machines on a single computer as the Domain\Username remains same. I tried by adding Suffix to the Domain name and it created a Machine with different Machine key but that does not seem to be working
For working with Multiple Robots should we use Machines Provisioned on other computers.
basically trying to use Different Robots for Dispatcher and Performer.

Hope i was able to explain my Doubts, any help will be highly Appreciated.

What’s windows version are you using?
To using mutiple robots on same computer, you need a windows server which support multiple users login same time

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I am using this on my personal computer and it has windows 7 Ultimate.

Multiple concurrent sessions is not supported in non-server editions of Windows.

Got it, Appreciate the help

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