How many robots in a machine?

Just a simple question: I have an AR env, may I know how many robots I can create in one machine? And what about Orchestrator env?


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You can create one robot per machine and also with single robot you can run multiple processes in a machine with different time intervals but nor same time.

In Orchestrator, you can create multiple robots. It will useful for to schedule and Monitor our Bots etc…

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Hello @ww2ivy

Just to add to @lakshmans comment, in machines you can only have one robot. And each robot is capable of running multiple processes at different times. They cannot run multiple processes simultaneously.

One environment can have multiple machines with one robot per each. One environment can have multiple robots because of that.
And a process can be executed in multiple machines simultaneously


Hi @ww2ivy,

You can use multiple robot in same machine.
High-Density Robots is a feature that ensures a full utilization of each machine at your disposal at its maximum potential. As a result, regardless of the Windows version a machine is running on, if you have multiple users on it, you can register a Robot on each of the users.

Here is the link. You can read more about this.


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Thanks a lot to all of you! :slight_smile: