How to create multiple robots in Community edition

I want to create two standard robots on the same machine but it is giving the error the machine key has been used by another robot.Can we create multiple robots on same machine using community edition of orchestrator.

Hi @VishalN,
Please have a look here:

Sorry i didn’t get, i want to create multiple robots in the same environment

getting the this error

HI @VishalN,

Kindly refer the below URLs.

How the Connection Between the Robot and Orchestrator Works

Shiva karthik

Please look that your robot is using your username. The only way to do this is to add other user to the machine. But this will work only for unattended robots.

i am using the robot type to development.Can we do it and did u get my query or should i explain it more clearly

Hi @VishalN - You have already connected your Machine with Orchestrator, do not try to connect the machine again. Rather try to Create a Robot and Map that under the machine which is already connected. You need to create a Job and Map it with this machine that’s it.