Can more than one robot run on one machine?


I need to know if we can have more than one robot on one machine running? The issue is I am using community edition, and when provisioning a robot it asks for username, which I am providing as my system username. When I am trying to add another robot, what to provide as username as if I use system username again, it gives error.

Hi @Aishwarya28

You can only have 1 robot running per user account. See here for more context:

Thank you @Maciej. But I am confused then how can we make one program and use more than one robot to complete it, by distributing the tasks among them.

With Orchestrator you can manage multiple machines, each with its own Robot license. It is indeed a limitation of one Robot per active user session, which practically means multiple machines running the same process.

Oh so it means ONLY one robot per machine can run a program at a time.

I have read somewhere that in Advanced level 3 Assignment 2, we need more than 1 robot to complete the project. Is it so? If yes how will this be achieved? We don’t have remote desktops, or if we somehow manage to get citrix connections, we cannot have UIrobots installed on those remote desktops.

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The assignments are done in stages. You won’t have an issue. It’s based on performer and dispatcher. Run one process and then when it’s done. You can run the other. You don’t use two different bots. Just two bot processes but at seperate times.

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Hello, There will be only 1 robot for 1 machine. You can’t add another robot on same machine. At a time you can run only 1 process on robot. If scheduled is finished then you can run Another process on same Robot.