Unable to understand

I am trying to solve assignment of Generate Yearly Report for advance level certification. After using GetAppCredential.xaml from the git repository and validating the project, I am getting following error:
Validation Error: Cannot create unknown type ‘{http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities}GetSecureCredential’. Framework/GetAppCredential.xaml.
after looking to GetAppCredential.xaml it was showing like this
Please help. Thank you in advance.


i hope you have created the credentials using the credential manager. if not please follow the below steps

1.Start->Credential Manager->And click web credentials-> give the credentials and enter ok.

if already done this.

please follow below.

delete the activity where you are getting the error and crate the same activity.


@Apurv_Joshi UiPath is unable to resolve dependency which were used while creating the process. Since you have downloaded the process, check dependencies their itself and change the version of it.

Hi @Apurv_Joshi,

First of all, wrt GetAppacredentials.xaml file, I would recommend to not use this file.
Instead directly use get credential activity wherever you want to fetch your credentials. This file is no more available in re-framework with latest uipath versions anyway and is not suggested to be used from code review point of view as well.

Hence, please remove getAppCredentials.xaml workflow and directly use ‘Get credential’ activity wherever you want to fetch credentials.

Also, where are you storing your credentials currently?

You can simply save your credentials on orchestrator as asset and then fetch same using get credentials activity and use it in further steps.




Ok. I will try this, Tank you for response.
Apurv Joshi

Ok. I will try this, Tank you for response.
Apurv Joshi