Error with GetAppCredential

I am having problem with the GetAppCredential as I encounter error when tried to run the file

Here is the error

ensure following package is added to your project:

Hi Peter, I have already added the package to my project.
But as I tried to run the project.
Im getting this errorerror1

then the issue can come from package version missmatches

  • replace existing activity with offered from activity panel

or tell us more on your scenario like what was done e.g. package updates …

I am trying to complete the advanced course on UIpath academy (Calculate client security hash).
I got the getappcredential codes on github as I have been following the steps on youtube.
I have added the uipath.credentials.activites v2.0.0 package to my project.
I couldn’t retrieve the credentials as I tried to run the file.

ok the do drag and drop the activity from activitie panel below existing Get Secure Credentials
check and set all settings similar from old activity to new one
delete old activity

run and check

I noticed that in my getappcredential.xaml file, it shows some error:

what have done so far as we told some steps
please show us the current defined dependencies: like

But still we would recommend for the quickest fix, replace unresolved activity with the offered one from activity panel

I am new to uipath and im totally lost…
below is the dependencies as requested:

no problem, but is important that our questions are answered

Now you have to options:

  • replace the unresolved activity with get secure credential acitvity from activity panel
    downgrade UiPath.System.Activities And UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities to a version of 2020.X.X

we would recommend to do first option (replace activity)


I have replaced the unresolved activity with get secure credential activity from activity panel.
Now I did not get any error

but I did not get the desired output which is the email address as the message box is empty.

ensure you have rewirered all settings

Your target setting looks not valid:

Target - The website address or network location for which to retrieve the credentials stored in the Windows Credential Manager. This field supports string variables. The target is not case sensitive.

We would assume that the credential stored on Windows Credential store do have a name or other identifying information. This can be used for the target

Hi @adamikh96,

First of all, wrt GetAppacredentials.xaml file, I would recommend to not use this file. Instead directly use get credential activity wherever you want to fetch your credentials. This file is no more available in re-framework with latest uipath versions anyway and is not suggested to be used from code review point of view as well.

Hence, directly use ‘Get credential’ activity.

Also, where are you storing your credentials currently?

You can simply save your credentials on orchestrator as asset and then fetch same using get credentials activity and use it in further steps.