Framework/GetAppCredentials.xaml: Could not find type ‘AddCredential’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 102, Column: 28

Make sure you have y the required packages installed

Please install **UiPath.Credentials.Activities

In manage packages → Select the official from the sources section., to havs updated package.

yaa i updated the pakages

but issue was not resolved


Share us with the screenshots also with the version of the studio and if possible if you know which version the flow was developed



Let’s go to Manage packages tab and uncheck Include pre-release in the search option and update all the package versions under Project Dependencies and give a try

Cheers @Prem_Chand1

in your project file, go to this line and see if that file contains the schema mentioned in the error.

You can open the project file from project folder o in notepad by right clicking and selecting, open with