Unable to start the execution of the BOT

I m trying to run the Robot. But I m getting the error as “Could not connect to the UIPath Robot service. Make sure the service is started”.
UiPath Robot Service is running.
I’m using UiPath Community Edition 2019.5.0

@Megha_D_Gowda - Check UiPath Robot Services are started or not by following below

in PC → Run command or Start + R → type “services.msc” → check for “UiPath Robot”/ “UiRobotSvc”
if services are not started - just click on start. if its in running? stop and start the services and try.

@GBK Service is running

have you done any install& uninstall activity with latest versions?
can you check the “UiPath Robot” in System Tray and do Disconnect & reconnect the Orchestrator

UiPath Robot is disconnected
Orchestrator and Robot key is empty

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Are you connecting to orchestrator? If you are connecting then you need to provide the details of the orchestrator

As the orchestrator URL got changed, so try below post

Hope this helps



got it - without setting up the machine - attended robot will not work.
please follow below link to instrument the UiPath Robot with orchestrator…

@GBK @Srini84 Thank you
The issue is resolved

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Cheers @Megha_D_Gowda mate!

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