Orchestrator Job Stuck as 'Pending'


I have recently upgraded a test instance of Orchestrator at a client from v2018.2 to 2019.10. The upgrade appears to have mostly gone well, however in the course of testing I have discovered that I cannot run jobs from Orchestrator. I am able to run the same process from the Agent, but when I try to run from Orchestrator the job gets stuck as ‘Pending’ and never starts.

I have reviewed other topics on the forum but unfortunately the solutions do not seem to apply. The robot type is ‘Non-Production’ (not studio) and the domain\username format is correct (the same machine has been provisioned with the production Orchestrator instance using the same domain\username format), the credentials are correct and the robot is connected and licenced.

Any assistance on this would be appreciated.

Hi @pheyburn, please make the robot type as unattended.

Once you mke your robot unattended, when running the job check that you are able to see the option of the your robot in orchestrator (automations–>startjobs screen).

Hi @shetanshudhar

I cannot make the Robot unattended as it is a non-production Orchestrator with one non-production robot runtime.

Could that be the problem? The licence was updated to include a non-production robot after the upgrade, I have never used a licence of this type before.

@pheyburn only unattended bots can be used to run jobs from orchestrator. This is the case with Community edition. I am sure enterprise will also follow same guidelines. While creating job, do you see your robot as visible to be selected as per the screenshot I sent above ? @uipath help please…

@shetanshudhar thanks for your reply - I read some documentation which seemed to suggest that non-production and unattended robots had the same behaviour so I discounted that theory…

Yes the robot displays as available as per your screenshot above.

To close this thread and provide a solution for anyone viewing this in the future:

I spoke to UiPath technical support and we discovered that the machine keys had been corrupted during the upgrade since it was moving up by quite a few versions.

Solution was to delete all robots and re-provision with new machine keys.

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