How to select a particular icon


We have an excel input where we have some data, we want to select a particular name in the web portal. We used extract table activity but giving the values inside each name. How can we do it. For reference I am sharing here the excel pic and web pic.


@raju_alakuntla Hi made anchor selector and put variable in aname= yourvariable and give value through loop

we need to click on the plus icon for a particular name each time

Follow these steps:
1)place click activity and open its UI explorer.
2) make selector through anchor selector.
3) in selector check their will be aaname property. if there is no aaname then check right side panel it will present their. select it.
4) make it dynamic and put variable in it.
5) after putting variable place this inside loop of datatable

@raju_alakuntla yes same logic for plus button because anchor selector is just to identify point on the base of near point

let me explain in detail:

  1. First we need to match the name from excel to the web portal. (we need to click on the name which is in the 1st row of the excel and like wise)
  2. We need to click on the + icon of each name