Unable to selelct proper selector


I have to select and store names of project in datatable and then i have to get each name.I am using data scrapping but the selector which is generating is uneditable for first line.I have to change “e-3d jira” in selector as my link is changing as per data.how can i achieve that?
Here is the pic of project names i have to get namely bp wo training project 1 and sandbox psah ppaaas.
here is the pic of selector i am getting

Kindly help me for the same.

Hi @Mathkar_kunal,

Tty to change the selector from the Activity Target property.

you cant change the first line because you clicked the “edit selector” next to “Extract Structured Data”

If you want to change the first line, edit the selector at "atttach browser level and the one inside will change automatically

Thanks worked.
Is it ok to use css selector ?
it will create any problem?

is css-selector the default when you indicate element? If it is i think you dont have to change it

okk.yes default one.

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