Unable to select proper dropdown


I wanted to automate one process where i have to select proper drop down as per in excel data.but in webpage when i am searching name there are multiple options with same name as there are no of people of same name in organization.
After writing full name also drop down is not able to show only name which i want(as per excel).
for example,in below image there are multiple results with same name but i want only second as per exel.how can i achieve that?

Kindly help me for the same.

Did you try opening the Selector in UiPath Explorer and see if it has elements that are unique to a user even if the names are the same?


unable to use Ui explorer giving error as index out of bound.
here is the screenshot of selector.

good practice is to use Developer Tool eg. in Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+I) through “Examine” element to find selector.

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Is it possible to search with the person’s email id, in this case which would make it unique

Thereby solving the problem

Since there won’t be Pravin Kumar with the same email Id, that would be unique

No,actually.tried with email id also but not showing any result it only takes lastname,firstname.

ok,i will try

Hello @Mathkar_kunal,

create a variable like, dropDown = firstName+","+lastName+"-"+mailID then pass this value in selector to click on it,


Hi @Mathkar_kunal

You can try out regex selector approach to.select the option by giving regex pattern as same itself which u are searching for

Try this out


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