Facing the error in Drop-down box for windows application

Hi All,

I am facing the below issue for the drop-down box. i am tried everything in selector. Is there any other way for this issue. I used the select item method.
If anybody have any idea. Kindly resolve the issue.
PFA… for the xaml file.

Thanks & Regards,BlankProcess2.zip (120.4 KB)


At the time of indicating drop down menu using Select Item activity, is it showing any error like ‘select item can’t support’.

You can try another way for selecting drop down item is use two click activities one for clicking that field and another one is for selecting item from drop down and then make selector dynamic.

First select any two items with click activity and compare both selectors and based on that pass variable into selector.

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Hi @maxxmuthu

I went through your solution. When clicking on drop down items in desktop applications, we basically have to perform two steps.

  1. We first need to perform a click activity on the drop down to expand the list.
  2. Then we need to perform another click activity on individual item which we want to click on.

So, the first click is easy. the second click actually needs to be dynamic because time to time, the item we select could be different. So, to handle that, the selector needs to be dynamic.

To make the selector dynamic, on the click activity, select indicate on screen. Once it is in that mode, press F2 to make it pause for few seconds. During that time, expand the drop down and wait for it to become active again. Once active, perform a click on one particular item. Then we can see what should be dynamic in the selector that generates. For those dynamic segments, we can introduce a variable on which we need to select.

So by default, it is selected as sales right. So in the attached workflow, I added a click activity to first click and expand the list, and another click activity which is dynamic, that selects “research and development”. So how does it click on that? It takes the value “Research and development” from a variable. I have added the variable in the selector to make it dynamic. So you can change the value in the variable and see how it automatically clicks on different items :slight_smile:

Check the working solution here…
BlankProcess2.zip (121.3 KB)

Let know whether this helps…
If it works for you, please make sure to mark my answer as the solution too…


Thanks a lot !!! It works great !!!


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