Issue with Dropdown in Browser

Hi Experts,

I tried all options to select the records and it works once and again while adding it to a sequence it doesn’t. Tried Anchor based, web recording and others but no luck.

any advise or sample xaml would help.

thanks, Aladdin

Select Records

Please note the page defaults at 10 records and i would want to hard code to 50.

Below is chrome result from inspect element.

@Palaniyappan - any help again would be really appreciated.

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Are you facing issues with the selector for this element?
or is it failing to select from the dropdown?

@kaderms Yes facing issues, it works once and when i re run it fails.

I used Typeinto as i need static results of 50, but once it works and when add to sequence it fails or Skip the step. Similarly tried other activity types too.

thanks, Aladdin

Capture for Share

@aladin347 - can you able to share the dropdown selector text?

Select Item should work for you @aladin347.
Ensure the selector is pointed to the Select Tag like this.
<html title='The Internet' /> <webctrl id='dropdown' tag='SELECT' />

Sometimes while indicating the dropdown element, we tend to choose the div element around the Select Element, which would cause failure.

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Also, share the details of the error from the console, if the failure repeats.

There are many options to choose the item from a drop down
Did we try with these other methods like
—find children activity
—type into activity like once after a click activity on that drop down sometime the value we want if typed just typed and if pressed enter, it might select that value
—select item activity

Make sure that the selector is set to handle the dynamic attribute values with wild card *

Few example

Cheers @aladin347


Thank you again… I hope if you can take any tutorials :slight_smile:

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Cheers @aladin347

@Palaniyappan - Thank you so much for all your advice.

One Question . I have a excel file that i am reading and searching the web ( Internal Tool) and then once records are there it will download/export the data and if no records it would skip the records and move on ( Element Exist) which you guided.

However, now the requirement is if record is not found, the excel workbook where its reading the data it has to update “No Record”.
Column A = has Parts it needs to be searched
Column B = If Records are not found it has to Write cell as " Not FOund" next to each record it searched and if Found it has to write “data downloaded”.

I know there is write cell activity but there are 1000 records where its is searching and going with conditions element exist or not and then downloading with while loop. Not sure how i can get the write cell.

can you guide any tutorial i can go thorough as i browsed not finding any or any sample xaml would help.

thanks again for all your help.


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