Dynamic item selection from the dropdown list


I am trying to select a item from the drop down list based on my input from datatable but i am unable to achieve it, i have tried click activity and passed variable to the selector, i have used select item , data scraping and some other options but none of them worked .

i am using Boeing onboard performance tool which is available in windows app store, could somebody help me achieve the result .

Please post a Screen Shot of your selector.

Here you go Niket.

getting the below error while I’m trying to capture the the same selector using UIExplorer.

The selector seems to be perfectly fine. Is it giving SelectorNotFound exception?

When Im passing the variable to the selector getting SelectorNotFound exception.

also attaching the XAML.SPC.xaml (13.5 KB)

Hi there! I’ve made some changes. Also try printing the value of variable RUNWAYS to check whether or not it’s giving the correct result.
Tell me if this workflow works:
SPC.xaml (13.5 KB)

Hy Niket thanks for your effort, RUNWAYS variable seems fine but in the application it is not clicking on the dropdown item which we are passing as variable.

You will have to try different combinations of tags from UIExplorer. Or maybe try using select item activity with the tag I’ve changed…

Hy Niket, its working now, i used hover and then used the click activity.

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Yeah I suggested that in a previous post. I thought your drop down appears only when you click the item. If I had suggested this earlier it would have saved a lot of time LOL.
But anyway…Happy Automation :slight_smile:

I’m having difficulty getting UiPath to recognise the element inside the Combo/DropDown for a Desktop application even after trying to adjust the selector, using different approaches (click to open first then select, type into, passing directly to the selector). Does this have anything to do with the language that the software is developed in?

You tried using hover and the click?
If yes, and that does not works please tell what sort of application you are working on, some screenshots would help! Also try to post the selector! :slight_smile:

Niket Ghai