Unable to select date


Error UiElement no longer valid help me solve this issue

Thanks in advance

We can’t help if you don’t give us details. What’s the selector? Is this in an app? Web page? Java?

First click on the date field to bring up the date picker, then edit default selector

Here the tag (eg:aname) represents the day. So what you need to do is you need to dynmically pass the varibale to the attribute aname.

Suppose if you want to click on day 10, then you can create a variable and set the value as : varDay=“10”;

Then pass this value to the attribute.
You can right click on the tag (eg:aname) value and choose the variable, eg: varDay

you would amend the selector (eg:aname) to make it a variable, inside a click activity to select the relevant date.

You can use UiExplorer to understand more the fine tuning of the selector to make sure you pick the correct one.

Can you share image about selector?