The UiElement is No longer valid when click on date dropdown arrow

Hello All,

Can any one please help me on this below issue, i need to click on date but when use click activity to select the date i am getting below error as “The UiElement is no longer valid”
How to select the date… and Which activity will help me to select the date…


Instead of using this please try to use “Select Dates in Calendar” activity or Type into Activity.

Hi Rahul,

Thank you for the reply,

Typeinto activity it is not allowing to type in that date Box…

For this activity Select Dates in Calendar it shows attributes are not supported

Are you able to manually enter the date? Can you try with some format like 28/04/2022 04 04/28/2022… Try it manually because i can see a textbox near to the Calendar button.

Because selection of dates using Click activity is not reliable and can fail. Better to take it in another approach.

Even Manually typing not allowed only we can select date from the calendar box