Click the correct element

HI People,

I am trying to select a date from a date picker.
Stuck at one place where I have to select a date from below image

here top row contains a inactive date from the previous month which is highlighted
and i want to select the bottom 28.

The selection of the date will be dynamic.
but bot is always clicking on the first row and selecting 28.
Could someone let me know how can I select the bottom 28 and this can come at any row its not fixed.


Can you check the selector of both, there you can find which is unique and get some difference

Hope this may help you


Hi @Pradyumn_Agrawal1

Store the selected date in a variable.
Open the click activity selectors then give the variable in the attribute which shows exact information.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks for replying.
I tried to get the attributes of both the date but it is same and hard to differentiate

Send the screenshots of both the selectors. It may help us to identify the changes in the attributes.

I am storing in a variable.
But bot always starts from the top and and if the same date is found and is disabled it will click


Use Click activity and Indicate the element, now open the Selector and click on UiExplorer
there you can see the different selectors which will be unique


here are both the selectors

  1. Disabled
  2. Enabled

i found a difference between the class attribute
rich-calendar-cell-size rich-calendar-cell rich-calendar-boundary-dates
rich-calendar-cell-size rich-calendar-cell rich-calendar-btn

I can use the IF activity to check the difference,
But how I will make the bot to click on the enabled date?


I see a date in text above is type into or set text activity on them not working? did you happen to try that?

That way you can set the date directly instead of clicks


No need to use an If, just add the attribute that you want to use to the selector. Seems like “aaname” and “class” would be the attributes you need. To “aaname” you could to pass the attribute value in a variable.

Can’t you just input the correct date into the text box with Set Text?

the fields are not editable

Class is the answer
When I looked closely I got the difference between enabled, disabled and weekends dates.

Set Text has an option to set the value even if the field is disabled