Selecting the date from the calender using click

Hello community!

Iam facing an issue while selecting date…i have passed a selector in aaname of click last week it was working fine but knw iam getting an selector error while selecting date…I want to select t-1 date.

Hi @Priyesh_Shetty

Have you tried to type the date in the text field ?


You are using the full date as aaname “DD/MM/YYYY”, the aaname expected is only the day

You can try something like this : DateTime.Now.addDays(-1).tostring(“d”)

@Gokul001 type into doesnt work in this.

@adext iam using today.adddays(-1).tostring(“dd”)

try with only “d” because the examples of selectors are “2” not “02”

@adext its not working

can you show you selector please

@adext @Gokul001

This is the selector iam using.

and your variable download ?

In that download variable t-1 code is there.

@adext after using only d it is giving output like 10/02/2023…This is the reason selector is getting error.

yes ok then this should work : Datetime.Now.adddays(-1).tostring(“%d”)

First you have to find the selector for Locked and Unlocked Date and add Unlocked Date to your selector. Once you found that then you need to pass the Date (number as Datetime.Now.adddays(-1).tostring(“%d”)) in your selector. Hope this will work.

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