Unable to select all elements from a list box


I am trying to select all elements from left hand side and push it on right hand side. i tried following options :

  1. Tried to scrap data so that i got entire data as a table. But now how to click on each and every row and push it on right side.
  2. Click first element (with key down and shift key press) and click on scroll bar and click on last element — Not working…

Can anyone suggest some solution of it?

Hi @gaurav_goyal,

If there is drop-down data then you can go with Get Attribute activity.

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Seems like SAP, is it?

If not and it is web based have you explored find children?

Can you post the page source/parent node where select item can be achieved…

Did you try with ctrl+A ?

Yes it is a web based SAP application. I tried find children activity but it is having dynamic iframe id and if i am removing that attribute from selector definition it is not working. It is not having Select attribute.
Also, in DOM, it is not showing anything. :frowning:



@allurai_india : ctrl + A is not working in the application.
However, select first element (key down + shift) —> Scroll to down —> and select last element (key up) is working manually but not using Uipath…

But i have to select all data from left side to right side. and Even if i am scrapping the data then every row is of data row type, which doesn’t have Get Attribute activity. Hope i am clear. Please let me know if you want to know anything else.

Hi @ gaurav_goyal,

Use: id='iframe*"
then go to selector and add aaname in to the selector --> you can use the Uiexplorer to do this

For each row get line atribute aaname into a String

and in your selector use aaname=’"+YourTring+"’

This will identify your line by aaname or any other ID or attribute

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Tried that option also. but it is not working with regex. I tried multiple combinations like ‘iframe*’ and ‘iframe4*’ and not working.

Only Click image is working BUT then how to click first element with shift and key down and scroll and select last element??

What you have in my post its not what youhave in your print, and if you do it like i say you cont even validate becouse where you have


you will have


and your string will come from get attribute activity

Ok and How do i find Get Attribute activity? Of all the elements in the datatable?
Sorry if i am asking silly question but i didn’t get how to find Get Attribute activity of all items.
If i am using Find Children activity, again it is having dynamic iframe as so on…

I will give you some exemple i use to read Bold text but its the same you must and something like this so it can work

Step 1 - use uiexplorer in the text or else you whant to get

Step 2 - Work your selector till you can get hilighted you text or else wth less code in your selector as possible (Less Ids for ex)

Step 3 - test it

You just need 1

For each row = for each line

So you will say to the for each row the right place he need to work