How to select all the items one time in list box

Hi All,

I have web page list box i want to select all teh items one time and add.

How to to do that. Please refer below screen shot

Can some one help on this.


Hi @thima,

You could try and see if that select /list box element lets your send hotkeys. If it does,

  1. I would select any one of the items
  2. Try to send hotkey combination of CTRL+A (this will select all items in the list box)
  3. Click the button Add All >> using the default Click activity

Hope this helps!

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Hi @thima

Try to see when u select all option at once and see the Selector of it in ui explorer can u see the all the text there in any of attribute ?

( Particularly innertext attribute )

If yes then use get attribute to get the attribute values and use string manipulation to get the data


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Hi @thima

Please use ‘Select Multiple Items’ activity and select the list you want to add.

For example if I have to select all items from the below list:

I will use ‘Select Multiple Items’ activity and update its selector using uiExplorer

For more details please go through the below link:

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