Unable to save file to specific location

I am trying to download and save the file to a specific location but somehow i am failed to do so,
its typing the path and file name correctly in the Save As File name textbox but on clicking save its not saving in the location instead its saving in download folder.

in file path, mention extension of your file at the end.

ex: .xlsx or .txt

Use this: path+""+dc_number+".yourExtention"


extension can be anything.

Hi there,

Maybe you can try unchek simulate type and input some value DelayBetweenKeys property of TypeInto activity to see whether it is writing correctly or not.
Be careful that dc_number variable is not null.
Delay a little bit before clicking save (Delay activity or DelayBefore property). Sometimes it clicks very fast so machine can not percieve.


kindly mention like this in the type into activity
and enable SENDWINDOWMESSAGE property and disable SIMULATE TYPE property
also set some timestamp in DELAYBETWEENKEYS around 2000 milliseconds

Cheers @indrajit.shah

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