Saving file

guys, I am trying to save the file in a particular location with year month but instead it is saving with a different name
can you please help me

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may i know what is mentioned in TYPE INTO activity as input
we need to check them

ensure that you have enabled the simulate type property or send window message property if that simulate type doesnt work in the property panel of type into actiity and also the properties like clickbeforetyping, emptyfield as well

if that is a new window make sure that typeinto is placed within a ATTACH WINDOW activity

hope this would help you @arjun27

Hi @arjun27, i meet same problem, trying uncheck simulate in option in properties panel.

Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, “Report-”+ in_TaxID +"-"+ in_Year +"-"+ month.ToString +".csv")

this is what i took

i think this is the problem
kindly try with this
Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, “Report-”+ in_TaxID +"-"+ in_Year +"-"+ now.ToString(“MMMM”) +".csv")

Cheers @arjun27