Save As Option in Excel

How to use save as option excel or any other file in particular location.

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You can perform save as by sending hot key F12 or Alt+F2

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You can use move Activity to change the file location and filename also…

Another way,
RenameFile method - change the filename in same location


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Pressing Alt+F2 getting save as window,but i am unable to save in particular location with specific file name.


In save as window i am unable to pass file path and file name.

Hi @bhargavi
Are you looking for changing filename by using UiPath activity…
If Yes means Choose… "Move File activity
Then give file path in Path Field like [C:\read.txt]
In Destination Feild give Your (New or Same) file location and new filename like [C:\read1.txt]

I hope its useful to YOU…

Hi @Hemanth

I want to pass the file name and file and file path in save as window using UIPath.

Thank you

Move file activity is works, if the file is already saved in particular location.

My requirement is: Downloaded the file from portal and saved into a particular location with specific file name.

The Downloaded File Saved in Download folder…
Then you use Move activity

Another Ways
Change the download location in your browser

Okay Hemanth, I will check.

Thank You