Unable to run the process from studio for an attended robot


I have a license for 2 unattended and 1 attended robot. But I am not able to run the processes from the attended robot using Uipath studio.

Please see the below error.


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Check in output panel which activity package is missing
Upgrade or downgrade that activity package and give a try
To do that go to design tab → manage packages → project dependencies

Cheers @sourabhnamdev999

Hi @sourabhnamdev999,

Can you please show the screenshot of your user profile from orchestrator?

Which license type is assigned to your user when you go to tenant → users-> select your user profile and edit?

Is it attended there?

Also do you remember which activity was present at this place?

Or do you have previous version of this project where it shows the activity correctly. If yes, then compare dependency/package versions used in both both versions of project and see which one was upgraded/downgraded in the version you are using now.

Usually this issue happens after downgrade not during upgrade of package.


This has nothing to do with running the process. This is because you had an activity there, then upgraded dependencies, and have to redo that activity.