Robot showing as unlicensed

Please help me in running workflow from uipath studio. Getting error as robot does not exist in Uipath Assistant. Please check the screenshots.


Check below for your reference

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@shubham.bhattacharya The attended(Attended user) license gives an issue to run the robot from the studio…With Attended(Attended user) you can only run the bots from Robot Tray…
Either use attended(RPA Developer) or Unattended license to resolve your issue…


Attended - This type of Robot is triggered by user events, and operates alongside a human, on the same workstation. Attended Robots are used with Orchestrator for a centralized process deployment and logging medium.

Unattended - Robots run unattended in virtual environments and can automate any number of processes. On top of the Attended Robot capabilities, the Orchestrator is responsible for remote execution, monitoring, scheduling and providing support for work queues.

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