Running attended robot from robot tray


I am experimenting with Attended robots and have an atteded robot in the orchestrator. The Robot Tray is connected and license. However, I have not uploaded a process to the orchestrator yet and the robot tray does not show any available processes. I have a process but am unable to publish it. When I open the process it says that “Uipath Studio is used with an Attended robot. Based on Uipath license this combination will only allow you to run and debug processes. Editing workflows is restricted”. So how do I get my process to show in the robot tray (I want to run the process from here)?


you have to publish to Orchestrator, then setup your bot to take the process

Thank you @Jersey_Practical_Sho ! After it has been setup it is not possible to edit/change the workflow in studio?

You can but you’d need to republish and push to the bot

It then looks like this and I am unable to republish.

Capture Capturer

Have you changed your bot to attended in the orchestrator? If you have you need to change it back to unattended and you’ll be able to edit workflows and publish. Then change back to attended to test

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Robin Morgan

Thank you!

That works. So I guess you can never edit the workflow as long as the bot is attended in the orchestrator.

I only know because I recreated what you had done. :slight_smile: